Sharing One of My Favorite Instagram Comics Creator

Something you probably don’t know about me (because I’ve never mentioned it before on this blog, of course!) is that I like to read comics on Instagram and, occasionally, on WebToons as well. A lot of the time, I follow lighter comic series or collections; quick comics that I can read for a bit of a smile or possibly a laugh. But then there’s also the “heavier” ones: the more serious and meaningful ones and the ones I more closely follow.

One of those accounts is Continue reading →


Pictures & Life Update (09.13.17)


This past weekend, along with Em and our mom, I went to a nice farm and walked around a town afterwards. We went to the farm with the sole mission of getting some apple cider doughnuts, and I’m happy to say that we did accomplish our goal! (They were delicious, by the way… Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of them.) The farm itself was nice, as well. They actually had goats, and not only did they have goats but they actually had a little “goat bridge” for them as well to get from one enclosure to the other… And they even went on it while we were there, as you can see in one of the pictures. (They shortly got off of it — didn’t even cross to the other side — but it was still fun to see nonetheless.)

The town was great too, and even though I don’t necessarily enjoy shopping and browsing stores, I did like to just walk around and photograph some of the nice older brick buildings there…

Aren’t you glad fall’s on it’s way? The whole day I was Continue reading →

You Will Never Be Prepared

School starts tomorrow. With the exception of my electives, I’m taking all honors and/or advanced classes. To be more specific, I’m taking two honors classes, one advanced class, and two classes that are both advanced and honors, one of which is double-advanced. I didn’t sign up for study hall. I’m very short for my age and somehow managed to (mostly) lose the one friend I thought was guaranteed besides my sister, leaving me down three friends — one who I lost on my own accord, another who moved away, and the last who’s doing our county’s technical school and won’t be in the same building as me. I’m scared. And I feel so horribly and undeniably unprepared.

I know that nothing I do will prepare me for what’s going to happen. Why? Because Continue reading →

Julia’s August Favorites | 2017

So Em said that we could do this monthly favorites thing. Where, I’m guessing, we write a bit about the past month and our favorite things from it and maybe even a bit of what we’re hoping the next month will be? I’m guessing? You see, I’m writing this before Em has written anything for her post (even though it is Tuesday afternoon; it’s okay I procrastinate too), so I really don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll just write freely at the moment and edit later. Future self, how did I do? Was I close?

[Future self] Eh, you did it differently than Em, but you don’t have to do the same exact thing. Just do it your own way, okay? Continue reading →

First Day of School Outfit: Is it Important?

On that first day of school, we all want to look our best. So we pick out our nicest clothes or maybe even buy some specifically for that special day. And when it comes to the first day of school outfit, there’s so much to think about. There’s the top and the bottom, do they match, what about the shoes, and what in the world are you to do with your hair? I remember when I was in elementary school that I would pick out an outfit specifically for that first day, and I wouldn’t even wear it before then to make the moment all the more special. But, in the end, is all this worrying and planning really worth it? Is your first day of school outfit actually important? Continue reading →